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DANCHEL OUTDOOR Portable Stainless Steel Folding Camp Stove with 2.2m Pipes for Cooking and heat

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Stainless steel stove

* Made of anti-rust 304 stainless steel, which has strong anti-rust ability and durability. Melting point: 1398℃.
* Main functions of tent stove: heating in the account, outdoor cooking, tea making,BBQ
* Type of fuel: dry wood, dry branches
* Long-term heating method: the chimney exhaust valve and the furnace door intake valve should be reduced accordingly,The stove should be filled with wood, which can achieve the effect of burning for more than 8 hours
* Using size: 375 * 200 * 177mm (hearth length, width and height) ,the height of the stove top from the ground 275cm
* Folded size:366*210*48mm
For portability and light weight, the legs can be folded, and the chimney can be rolled up and placed in a bag.
Safety matters Tips:
* Fuel types: dry firewood, dead branches (unlawful logging is prohibited)
* Use of tent stove in tent (including other confined spaces) must pay attention to ventilation to prevent carbon monoxide
* Take fire prevention measures to prevent fire and burns.
Installation Instructions
*Chimney length: 2.2 meters as standard, can be extended
*The chimney pipe has a diameter of 6cm, made of 201 stainless steel, which is not easy to bend and deform.
*With spark arrester
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Rotary damper for better control of airflow


Rotary damper for better control of airflow