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Glamping Camping Beach Tent with Sun Shade

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Product Description

* GET PROTECTION & SHADE FROM HARMFUL SUN RAYS: Our sail sunshade can help reduce temperature, reduce sun intensity, provide shade and minimize the UV exposure so you can enjoy outdoors without worrying about the direct sunlight.

* HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION: Our sun shade canopy is crafted from stretchable Lycra fabric which is resistant to tearing. Strong and rustproof aluminum poles that can withstand most demanding weather conditions – be it rain or storm.
* ADVANCED SUN PROTECTION: Our pop up beach tent provides SPF 50 sun protection that protects you and your loved ones from harmful ultraviolet radiations. Outings in the summer will become a lot more pleasant and safer when you have our beach tent with you.
* PORTABLE CONVENIENCE: Whether you are heading to the beach or fishing on the side of a lake, you can easily take our tent sunshade with you. Lightweight and compact, it easily fits in your luggage and comes with a portable shoulder strap bag for convenient travelling.
* LARGE SIZE: Measuring 9.8 x 9.8 ft., our pop up sunshade is spacious enough to accommodate 4-8 persons depending on size. The pop up beach tent comes with two poles but you can add two extra poles to increase the size.